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Tree of Lyfe Fitness is about making movement accessible in your current season of life. There are times you will find yourself not able to do something that was easy before, maybe you are excessively tired after accomplishing simple tasks.

Stacey uses methods developed by Physical Therapist Lara Heimann, in her approach to yoga and fitness. Using qualified techniques of mapping movements from the brain to the body. Simple yoga postures become a challenge, enhancing strength and proprioception to help you meet your goals.

Workouts and fitness goals are developed from the same base, utilizing breath work, Pilates strength workouts, while mobility is enhanced through the use of  the LYT Yoga mehtod. This combination is a success for any workout you choose to embrace.

Also available are traditional functional movement and mobility exercises using bodyweight movements to build strength. Fitness assessments are given before each session, recorded, and workouts are adjusted, like a prescription plan for fitness goals. 


Tree of Lyfe has many options, give us a call or send us an email:, we will be happy to meet with you.

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