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Pebble Beach

Tree of Lyfe Fitness, LLC is a corrective exercise studio.


Folks call me when they have had a change of life. Pregnancy, postpartum, injury, surgery, new to fitness, looking to get back to their workouts but need some strategies to have better awareness. 

We have fitness plans that require at home work or we can develop in house workouts for you. Come twice a week or check in once a month. The fitness plan can be flexible

The programs I run are about 14 weeks. Moving from an assessment to the plan after our first meeting. Achievement comes from the consistent work in sessions and also at home. for an appointment.

Certifying body: Core Exercise Solutions, Dr. Sarah Duvall LPT. 

The Shoulder Solution

Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise

Pelvis Pro

The Pelvic Floor & Diastasis Recti: The Essentials (pending)

Yoga Alliance recognized LYT Yoga

 Certifying body: Dr. Lara Heimann, LPT and Dr, Kristen Williams, LPT

The LYT Yoga Method, Sequencing 101, 201 (current study), 100-hour Extremities

AFAA certified group exercise all group modalities, mat pilates

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